His name was Charles Lutwidg Dodgson. He was born... Learned... Teached...
That sort of things. He also a little stammered, introducing himself as Do-Do-Dodgson. And he liked photography.
When he felt really comfortable, he took off his official costume and became a super-writer known now as Lewis Carroll.
He used his super pen to free from his super crazy, or may be we'd better say super nonsense mind most nonsense creatures you've ever read.

"As to temper the Jubjub's a desperate bird.
  Since it lives in perpetual passion:
   Its taste in costume is entirely absurd--
  It is ages ahead of the fashion:

"But it knows any friend it has met once before:
  It never will look at a bribe:
  And in charity-meetings it stands at the door,
  And collects--though it does not subscribe.

By the way, do you know how did he get that luwis carroll thing? He translated both his names to latin and then to english again, like this:
Charls - Carrollus - Carroll
Lutwidg - Ludowicus - Lewis
Then he switched them places.

In general, if you have ever given a look to his writings, you've probably noticed, that words he used not always appear in english dictionary. He explained it like that:
For instance, take the two words "fuming" and "furious". Make up your mind that you will say both words but leave it unsettled which you will say first. Now open your mouth and speak. If your thoughts incline ever so little towards "fuming", you will say "fuming-furious"; if they turn, by even a hair's breadth, towards "furious", you will say "furious-fuming"; but if you have that rarest of gifts, a perfectly balanced mind, you will say "frumious".

Talking about Lewis Carroll it's impossible not to mention logic. Put in his nonsense worlds it makes them more nonsense. But put in the separate book it comes out to be a most logical logic ever. By Carroll knowing to think logically is knowing to get right inference from rather weird premises. Like:

No fossil animal can be love-lorn.
Ouster can be love-lorn.

Ouster isn't fossil animal.

Did I mention that he was one of two best photographers of his time?
    "Just the place for a Snark!" the Bellman cried,
      As he landed his crew with care;
     Supporting each man on the top of the tide
      By a finger entwined in his hair.

   "Just the place for a Snark! I have said it twice:
     That alone should encourage the crew.
     Just the place for a Snark! I have said it thrice:
      What I tell you three times is true."
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